Reasons for FF Players Aiming for First Place in Free Fire

This is the reason FF players are aiming for the first position in Free Fire, because it is one of the places that many other players will know about.

Not only that, there are several reasons why they want to get that position in this game now.

That way you may have other goals, to play the Free Fire game and what it will be like in the future.

We will also find out a lot of the best ways, so that later we can reach the top position in a rank.

That’s why the 22nd Free Fire Season Ranking will be starting soon, this will show the players that they will soon be dropping in rank.

All of them will immediately compete for the first position in this game.

Actually, what is the reason why FF players are aiming for the first position in Free Fire, what do they get and why do they do it?

We’ll find out now, in the article below.

Reasons for FF Players Aiming for First Place in Free Fire

Be the Strongest

To prove yourself as the Strongest, it doesn’t mean you guys have to always get a lot of Booyah.

But actually being the strongest, proves that you can reach the best rank and reach the first position.

Since being strong doesn’t always get Booyah, there might be some ups and downs that pay off in the end.

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Remember if there is a defeat that comes to you, it doesn’t mean you are weak but it becomes a strength to reach a higher rank.

Prove If You Can

If you have a doubtful guild or community and friends, it can be shown that you can indeed reach the first rank position.

Because achieving this position is indeed difficult, even your friends who doubt it will not be able to do it either.

Even though it doesn’t reach the first position in all of Indonesia, you can of course do it by reaching the first position among friends.

Then the guild and you can only train harder, reaching a higher position later.

Can Join a Famous Guild

When you have time for various seasons, you always enter the first position, of course this will make you glance at the famous guild leader.

If it’s true that your abilities deserve to be in the first position, so don’t be surprised if a well-known Guild will also invite you later.

By giving an offer via chat or mabar, of course you will be confused whether to accept or not the offer.

Viewed by Many Players

The highest position in this Free Fire game is Grandmaster, yup, if you reach that rank, it means that you are ready to enter that rank.

Of course, by presenting many players competing in Rank, they will see your name in first place.

Where that will be their glance, to be able to race you, so if you have reached the first position, you have to be prepared.

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Because in conditions like this, your rivals in grabbing the position will become more and more crowded.

Have Many Fans

If indeed you reach the first position in several seasons, this will make many players look to you as role models.

Of course your fans will be many, because knowing the ability to play is really really good.

Especially if you have a youtube channel, surely many will like the gameplay of a first place placer.

After knowing the reason why FF players are aiming for the first position in Free Fire, then you can understand more and want to be like that.

Because indeed with the first rank position itself, it will provide the greatest opportunity for all of you later.

Apart from that, from this position too, you must know Tips to Become a Pro Player on Free Fire to make it easier to reach that first position.

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