Rapper Angel Pants and Bundle Present at the Wish Free Fire (FF) Event!

Hi Buddy Booyah!

In Free Fire, Buddy Booyah can find various events, whether they are paid or free. Buddy Booyah can get various items in the Free Fire (FF) event.

The latest, there will be an event that is present at Free Fire. With the name of the Wish Free Fire (FF) event, this event will bring the Rapper Angel Free Fire (FF) pants and bundle that players have been waiting for!

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Curious about how to get the Rapper Angel’s pants and bundle in the Wish Free Fire (FF) event! Make sure you see the details of this article to know more!

Rapper Angel Free Fire (FF) Pants and Bundle

The Wish event is an event that rarely comes in Indonesia. And through his latest event, you can pocket the pants as well as the Rapper Angel Free Fire (FF) bundle later.

The Wish Free Fire (FF) event to get the Rapper Angel FF pants and bundle will take place starting on July 16, 2021. In more detail, here are the provisions of the Wish event:

  • The Wish event with prizes for Rapper Angel pants and bundles will take place from 16 to 22 July 2021 at 18.00 WIB
  • Spin and get interesting grand prizes
  • Buddy Booyah can do 1x Spin at a price of 25 Diamond or 5+1 Spin at a price of 125 Diamond
  • You can choose one grand prize for free every 100 Spins
  • The prizes you get will be sent directly to the vault
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This means, if Buddy Booyah is not hockey then Buddy Booyah can get a Rapper Angel bundle at a price of 2125 Diamond with a note, Buddy Booyah only does Spin 5 + 1 because there will be 102 Spins and are free to choose the grand prize later.

Meanwhile, here is a list of prizes other than pants and Rapper Angle bundles that you can get in the latest Wish event on Free Fire (FF).

Grand Prize

Normal Gift

How about it, can’t wait to get the Rapper Angel Free Fire (FF) bundle that so many have asked to come back to FF? Don’t miss the Wish event which is here starting tomorrow![aikelewataneventWishyanghadirmulaibesokini!

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