[Quiz] Understand All M1887 FF Skins? Prove it in This Quiz!

Hi Buddy Booyah!

In Free Fire, Buddy Booyah is presented with a series of Gun Skins that have different looks and colors from one another. Not only that, Gun Skin also has additional statistics.

One of the Gun Skins that Free Fire players are looking for is Gun Skin M1887. of course not without reason, the M1887 weapon is a pretty sick weapon with damage burst-his.

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Well, for Booyah Buddies who already understand very well the M1887 Gun Skin and its statistics, the following Booyah News will test your knowledge about all M1887 Gun Skins in Free Fire!

Share your quiz results in the comments column or repost and mention Instagram @beritabooyah.id yes! And don’t forget to challenge your friends!

You can play too Free Fire quiz more here.

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