PUBG: New State Shows Futuristic Gameplay, Graphics, and Details

PUBG is one of the pioneers of the popular battle royale game in various parts of the world, especially since this game is also one of the best competitive games today.

Some time ago, PUBG: New State became a hot conversation among gamers. The reason is, New State itself was not developed by Tencent, which was the developer of the previous PUBG Mobile game, but Krafton who made the PC version of the battle royale genre game.

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Interestingly, Krafton also announced that the game will later come with a fresh touch than before. This has been seen since they released a small trailer that shows the graphics and gameplay.

At first glance, there are not many differences between PUBG Mobile now and the New State, but if you look again at PUBG: New State, it has futuristic details.

Starting from the types of bombs that can be thrown, drones that can fly to scout at opponents, to unique vehicles with a futuristic touch.

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In addition, New State takes place in the future in 2051, so it’s not surprising that the weapons contained in PUBG: New State are quite sophisticated and of course cool.

After knowing this, are you interested in playing it? PUBG: New State has now opened the pre-registration period for Android. However, until now there is no information on when PUBG: New State will be released.

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