PUBG: New State Enters Closed Alpha Test for America Region

After a long wait, PUBG: New State will finally get a Closed Alpha Test in the near future. However, this Alpha Test will only be available for the United States region Android platform, this is due to technical problems.

PUBG: New State is one of the best battle royale games from Krafton. We conclude that because this game has a great chance of success like the previous PUBG Mobile games, we can see this from the enthusiasm of gamers waiting for its release.

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In this game, you will compete with 99 other players and the last player will get a Chicken Dinner. News State presents a number of interesting weapons, where these weapons are scattered in various locations and you can pick up to defeat other players.

In addition to weapons, PUBG: New State also has some cool vehicles to explore the game’s territories. The maps provided also vary, you know.

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Meanwhile, the features in New State will be more than the previous PUBG Mobile version, such as the ability to dodge, call support, use drones, customize weapons, to do various things that were not in the previous PUBG Mobile game.

That’s some information about PUBG: New State which will enter the Closed Alpha Test. While waiting for the release date, you can pre-register first on the Google PlayStore for the Android platform, while iOS will follow soon. As of this writing, there is no further information regarding when this game will be released.

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Hopefully Closed Alpha Tests for each region will also be held. Follow to get the latest news about PUBG: New State. Also follow Hobigame’s social media accounts so you don’t miss updates.

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