Price & How to Get Skin Collector Gusion Night Owl Mobile Legends (ML)

Gusion is one of the assassin magic heroes who has many skins, one of the newest skin collectors is Gusion Night Owl, this is information about the price and how to get it in Mobile Legends.

Gusion Night Owl is a skin that is present at the Grand Collection event in Mobile Legends, has a Collector caste, to get this one skin has a fairly expensive price, curious how much it costs?

As a Gusion hero user, of course it won’t be fun if you don’t use skins when playing, in addition to adding style, playing using cool skins can also add to the fun of playing.

So, because of that, the following news will give you a price regarding the skin collector hero Gusion Night Owl in Mobile Legends. Check out the following explanation and how to get it.

Price Skin Collector Gusion Night Owl Mobile Legends

Gusion Night Owl is a Collector skin that was released exclusively in March 2021. You can get this skin at a price of 5000-6000 diamonds, it’s not a cheap price for this best exclusive skin.

If converted, to get this skin at least you have to spend around Rp. 1,000,000 – 1,500,000s to get it. This price is still half the price of the Legend skin.

Gusion Night Owl has a very cool appearance with the style of Gusion which is an owl knight. Has a dominant purple color with a very cool animation effect.

You could say, the Gusion Night Owl skin is the second coolest skin after his Legend skin. Of course, all players really want this cool skin, especially with Gusion’s ability to be very agile and deadly.

The Gusion Night Owl skin has passed, then how do I get the Gusion Night Owl skin back in the Mobile Legends game? You need to see how to get it below.

How to get the Gusion Night Owl Mobile Legends Collector Skin

To get the past Gusion Night Owl collector skin, you can only get it through the Grand Collection event that is present every month.

Not only that, make sure the Gusion Night Owl skin gets a re-run at the Grand Collection event.

As you know, for every Grand Collection Event, there will be three skins that can be the main prizes.

The three skins include the Exclusive Collector skin, then the past Collector skin and another Epic Limited skin that has passed.

Now make sure that the other two skins are the Gusion Night Owl skin that gets rerun, you just need to select it and then draw.

So that’s it for a review of the price and how to get the Gusion Night Owl Collector skin in Mobile Legends. Hopefully useful and useful yes! See you later!

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