PMNC 2021 Playoff Overall Ranking Day 2 (2 July 2021), Temporary Standings for Group A

You must know, PMNC 2021 Overall Ranking Playoff Day 2 (2 July 2021), Group A Temporary Standings which are currently being run

Previously, we discussed the PMNC 2021 Day 1 Playoff Overall Ranking where the team’s performance was less than satisfactory from evos reborn and alter ego.

This time on the 2nd day it still looks the same, several teams have not shown their best performance with unsatisfactory results. However, some teams have had their performance increase

PMNC 2021 Day 2 Playoff Overall Ranking

In the Overall Ranking of the PMNC 2021 Playoffs Day 2, you can see that Zone esports is still favored, meanwhile, the best performance was issued by power danger esports which ranked 2nd on this day 2.

DG slayer, which was previously ranked 3rd, had to be satisfied with its performance which could only reach 7th place today.

In addition, the alter ego is ranked 7th, which means it has increased by 3 ranks from the first day.

Well, for this second day, the average team that was left behind on the first day got a boost to catch up with them this time.

So, what do you think of the match on day 2 this time?, then did your favorite team experience an increase in performance on day 2?.

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