PMNC 2021 Playoff Overall Ranking Day 1, Group A Provisional Standings

You will see below, my essay will explain about PMNC 2021 Overall Ranking Playoffs, Current Standings for Group A Day 1

You can see some of the teams that are scheduled for Day 1 of Group A this time. This is because on July 1, 2021 yesterday we could find out the standings of the 16 teams competing in the PUBG Mobile National Championship (PMNC) 2021 Group A Day 1 playoffs.

PMNC 2021 Day 1 Playoff Overall Ranking

You can see Zone Esports as the first rank this time then followed by NFT Esports in second place. Meanwhile, there is a DG slayer who is ranked third.

The Zone Esports players did get very high points, making them ranked first and also won the best team on day 1.

For the evos reborn and alter ego teams, the results were not so good in the match on the first day with each achieving a ranking that was far from our expectations.

Evos reborn itself is ranked 5th and alter ego itself is ranked 11th which is not too good a rating on day 1.

So, who is the best on day 2 on July 2, 2021? we’ll talk about it next!

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