Photo of Sultan Free Fire (FF) Account, How Expensive is the Account? – news

Free Fire has many skins or costumes that you can use while playing. There are many ways that you can use to get skins on Free Fire, and make the characters you use look cooler like this Free Fire (FF) Sultan Account Photo.

In Free Fire there is a term Sultan that you may have heard of. This term is used for player accounts that have many skins and many items purchased using diamonds. It turns out that there is also a way that can make you a sultan in Free Fire.

Here we will discuss the Sultan Free Fire (FF) Account Photo, Here’s How to Become a Free Fire Sultan, which you can know. The Sultan account on Free Fire can make your account look cool with the many skins and weapons that you can use.

Sultan Free Fire (FF) Account Photo

One of the accounts from India, A_S Gaming, is a player who can be considered a sultan. This one player has more than 50 weapon skins that are used and also some very large character costumes.

Judging from the many skins he has, there is no doubt that this one player is the sultan. If calculated from the number of skins owned by this one player, maybe the account can be sold for several million rupiah.

Because, it is certain that this one player does a top up to buy Diamond, and the top up that is done is not small. That way, the account he has has become one of the sultan’s accounts on Free Fire at a very expensive price.

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Although not for sale, this player has already spent quite a lot of money to top up on Free Fire. That way, A_S Gaming has many skins and costumes that can be used.

Sultan Account Price

Usually to buy a sultan account, maybe you need a lot of money to be able to buy a sultan account. When talking about the price of the sultan’s account, Dylon Pros is one of the players who has a very expensive account.

If it is estimated, Dyland Pros has a lot of expensive skins that can reach 5 billion. So, you could say the account owned by Dylan Pros is very expensive with lots of skins and costumes to use.

Indeed, the account he has is very expensive, because apart from Dyland Pros being a veteran player who has been playing for a long time, the player also often does top ups to buy skins or costumes on Free Fire.

That’s the information about the Sultan Free Fire (FF) Account Photo that you can know. Many other sultan accounts besides A_S Gaming and Dyland Pros, with very expensive prices. Because the sultan player does top up very often to buy the skin or costume.

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