Overcoming Can’t Remove Programs on Windows

Want to delete a program on the computer but failed? Of course there is a reason behind it. One of the most common is caused by the program that you want to delete or download uninstall ongoing. So the system can’t continue to delete it.

It is true that there are many third-party programs that can completely remove a program including registry registered, but even then it will fail if the program to be removed is running in a background process.

For that, this article will explain at least 3 ways to overcome can’t delete a program. You are not required to try all of these methods, but do start from the first, and if it fails or feels difficult, please try the next method.

Cannot Remove Program Solution on Windows

1. Stopping the Program Process Forcibly

The processes that need to be stopped are the ones running in the background. And to see that, you can open Task Manager or directly press the button CTRL+SHIFT+ESC simultaneously on the keyboard.

Then look for the process of the program you want to remove, and continue by clicking the button End Task to forcibly stop it.

Force Stop Background Process

If you feel that this method is too complicated to do, please continue the second method which is easier.

2. Restart the computer and try to delete again

No need for complicated methods, because basically you can stop the background process of the program just by restarting the computer. So all you need to do now is click on the option Power on the START Menu and choose Restart.

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Restarting the Computer

Although this method can stop the background process of all programs, but it will still be the same if the program you want to delete can run on the process startup. For that, if this method still doesn’t work to remove the program, please try the last method below.

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3. Removing Programs Through Safe Mode

Safe Mode is the last easy way to uninstall programs without fail. Because in this mode, the computer will only use minimal system processes and ignore startup from other programs. So that there will be no programs other than the system running in the background.

To enter Safe Mode is very easy, just press and hold the button F8 when the new computer is turned on and then select the Safe Mode menu and wait for the boot process to complete.

When entering Safe Mode, you can go directly to Control Panel and start to remove the desired program earlier. Surely now it will be completely successful and will not fail again.

The simple thing is that you can start with the first or second method. But if that still fails, it is highly recommended to try the third way. Most people succeed in the second way, which only needs to restart the computer.

As for someone who still failed in the last way, and that was likely due to the corrupt file or system error causing the uninstallation of the program and associated files to fail. In cases like this, the best solution is to reinstall Windows.

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Hopefully useful and good luck

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