Overcome the Phone Suddenly Turns Off When Using the Camera

Problems that exist with Android phones can come at any time, whether it leads to the application section or even important things like the Camera. Given that the Camera feature on a cell phone is very important, that’s why users need to fix the problem immediately.

From some cases that occur on Android phones may not be able to open the camera application. But what if when opening the camera or taking pictures, then suddenly the phone seems to turn off automatically.

This is mostly experienced by Samsung phone users, but it’s also possible that every Android phone can experience the same problem. And to overcome this, there are several ways that can be tried.

1. Know the Cause of the Phone Turns Off Suddenly

Knowing the Factors of the Cell Phone Dies Suddenly

Know beforehand about what factors cause this problem to occur. For example, when the user opens the camera, does the camera still open or the phone just turns off. And if the phone immediately turns off, it could be that the fault lies with the data camera application in the system.

As for the cellphone turns off only when pressing the button shutter, and it is possible that the problem is due to corrupt or an error with the camera app settings.

Do simple experiments, such as using other settings. For example activate flashlight when shooting and vice versa. Use effects and find out if the problem is from the front, rear or both camera.

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2. Clear Data on Camera App

Clear Data in Camera App

Try this method to make sure that the camera app is experiencing corrupt on the side of the stored data. And users don’t have to worry about all the photos taken before NO will be deleted.

  1. Go to Settings.

  2. Tap on menu Aplikasi.

  3. Look for the phone’s default Camera app.

  4. Scroll down and press the button Hapus Data

  5. A notification will appear, please click YA

After deleting the data, please try to open the camera app again, does the phone still turn off? If yes, continue to the next method.

3. Using Other Camera Apps

Using Third Party Camera Apps

Try to install a third party camera app that is on the Play Store. One of them is like Camera MX. If you can use the application normally so that the phone does not turn off suddenly. It could be that the problem is indeed from the camera application on the system.

4. Reset to Factory Settings

Reset Phone to Factory Settings

This method is quite powerful and guarantees to be able to solve this problem instantly. Because there could be some kind of error on the system side so it refers to the camera application. But know beforehand that doing a factory reset will erase all phone data including contacts, so it’s best to back up important data first.

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If this method still fails, it means that the camera application on the system is experiencing an error and not from the data side. Whereas resetting the phone to factory settings will only erase data and restore settings as if the phone were new, and does not mean a complete fix.

For these problems, users can directly do the following: flash firmware to his cell phone. And this is the last option that users can do independently and have a greater chance of success than all of the above methods.

But it is highly recommended to try to start from the first method, because who knows the obstacles are not as bad as expected.

Hopefully useful and good luck

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