Overall Ranking or Standings for PMNC 2021 Playoff Group A Day 1

This is the provisional standings or overall ranking for the 2021 PUBG Mobile National Championship (PMNC) playoffs in Group A Day 1, where is Evos Reborn in what position?

The PMNC 2021 Day 1 Group A playoff round ended yesterday (1 July 2021) where we can find out the standings of the 16 competing teams.

Where everyone must be fighting desperately to qualify for the real grand final, fighting to be able to appear in PMPL ID S4.

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Here, SPIN Esports will give you the overall ranking of a day 1 group while the PMNC 2021 playoffs, what position is your favorite team in?

Overall Ranking Day 1

Zone Esports managed to hold the temporary first position from the group a day 1 playoffs, followed by NFT Esports in second place, then DG Slayer in third place.

The hard work of the Zone Esports players paid off with very high points they managed to achieve while making them sit in the temporary 1 position.

Meanwhile, the two teams that were most highlighted in this event, namely Evos Reborn and Alter Ego each had poor results.

Evos Reborn is currently in 5th position while Alter Ego who appears with his new roster (Limax) had to settle for 11th position.

Furthermore, the 16 teams will continue to fight again on day 2 today (2 July 2021) in order to successfully finish in the top 1-7 in order to qualify for the grand final round.

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