Overall Ranking of PMNC 2021 Playoffs Group A Day 2, these are the 7 teams that passed

This is the provisional standings or overall rankings for the 2021 PUBG Mobile National Championship (PMNC) playoffs in Group A Day 2, where these 7 teams are certain to qualify for the final.

The PMNC 2021 Day 2 Group A playoff round ended yesterday (2 July 2021) where we can find out which teams have made it to the finals.

Yep 7 teams have confirmed themselves to appear in the grand final round, after successfully securing maximum points on the second day of PMNC Group A.

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Here, SPIN Esports will give the final overall ranking from the group stage a day 2 of the PMNC 2021 playoffs, does your favorite team qualify?

Overall Ranking Day 1

Zone Esports is still unstoppable, they managed to finish in first place from the group a day 2 playoffs.

Then followed by Power Danger Esports which really appeared very surprising on day 2 yesterday, then there was NFT Esports and so on.

Meanwhile, the two most highlighted teams in this event, namely Evos Reborn and Alter Ego, each had very satisfying results.

Evos Reborn managed to maintain its best performance despite remaining in 5th position while Alter Ego appeared very crazy with its new roster (Limax).

They managed to qualify for the final after being ranked 7th which was in 11th position on day 1 yesterday. The following is a list of teams that qualified from Group A:

  • Esports Zone
  • Power Danger Esports
  • NFT Esports
  • Myron Revolt
  • Evos Reborn
  • DG Slayer
  • Alter Ego

Furthermore, they will all still compete in the PMNC 2021 grand finals against 7 other teams from group b and the top two teams from DGL on 17-18 July 2021!

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