[OPINI] Why Moonton Doesn’t Release New Skin For Faramis

Faramis’ presence in Mobile Legends has been around for a long time, but what about the new skin? Will the latest Faramis skin be released in the near future?

As we know, that Faramis is one of the heroes who get less attention. The reason is, the presence of this one support hero has been around for a long time, but Moonton has not released the latest skin.

Please note, since the initial release to the original Mobile Legends server, Faramis has not received any buffs or nerfs at all. And this hero is rarely picked by players.

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Maybe one of the reasons why the support hero hasn’t gotten a skin at all is because it could be due to the popularity factor.

Yes, there are very few fans of this hero. Based on the page from Mobile Legends, Faramis only has a popularity level of 0.05%.

Knowing this, game developers might think why bother making a new Faramis skin if this hero is only used by a small number of MLBB players.

Of course they will also think that these efforts are just a waste of time and more importantly make skins for other heroes who have at least a standard level of popularity, so that the skins made can sell well in the market.

Then what is the solution?

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Even though it’s just an assumption, the decision is still on the developer’s side. They could release the latest Faramis skin, but we don’t know when it will be released.

Besides that, if you want Faramis’s new skin, the thing to note is that the use of the hero must be more than before.

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That way the opportunity to revamp or release the latest skin will be even greater and become a developer’s consideration. If you remember, Faramis’s fate is almost the same as the Vale case some time ago.

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After Vale was quite popular and used by many players, then he got his new buff and skin, he even entered META, you know.

Yes, the point is back to the players, if you expect so, then increase the popularity of the hero first.

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