Operano FF Incubator, the Newest Incubator on Free Fire!

Hi Buddy Booyah!

Various bundles have been presented in the Free Fire Incubator. In Incubator, actually there are not only bundles, but there are Gun Skins that have various types in one particular theme.

For Buddy Booyah who likes and is waiting for the arrival of a new Incubator on Free Fire, good news for Buddy Booyah because soon the newest Incubator bundle on Free Fire (FF) will be interesting, of course.

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Having the name Incubator Operano Free Fire (FF), curious what kind of bundle presented in this Incubator Operano FF? Here are the leaks that Berita Booyah will present!

Incubator Operano Free Fire (FF)

Incubator is an Incubator that still seems to have a Japanese theme. Buddy Booyah will be presented with how this bundle looks complete with a pretty cool mask and clothes.

Incubator Operano FF will be present starting on August 10, 2021 with a total of 4 bundles. Buddy Booyah can do Spin to get Evolution Stone and Blueprint: Operano.

  • 1x Spins: 50 Diamond/1x Incubator Voucher
  • 5x Spins: 200 Diamond/5x Incubator Voucher

Meanwhile, here are the total Evolution Stones and Blueprints: Operano FF that you must collect to exchange them for a series of bundles in Incubator Operano Free Fire (FF).

Operano Free Fire (FF) Incubator Bundle Display

Sheng . operano

To redeem a Bundle Sheng . operano, you need 8 Evolution Stones and 4 Blueprints: Operano.

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Jing operano

To redeem a Bundle Sheng . operano, you need 6 Evolution Stones and 3 Blueprints: Operano.

Dan operano

To redeem a Bundle Sheng . operano, you need 4 Evolution Stones and 2 Blueprints: Operano.

Chou operano

To redeem a Bundle Sheng . operano, you need 2 Evolution Stones and 1 Blueprint: Operano.

How, Buddy Booyah already have a target which bundle you will be after in the latest Free Fire (FF) Operano Incubator on Free Fire?

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