Only Watch FF Streamers on BOOYAH! Live Can Get Free Emotes!

Hi Buddy Booyah!

Last July 1st, platform live streaming from Garena that is BOOYAH! Live has officially spread its wings in Indonesia. Even your favorite Free Fire streamers can now Buddy Booyah meet you at BOOYAH! Live.

And now, BOOYAH! Livee is giving away free gifts for Booyah friends who watch live streaming Free Fire streamers at BOOYAH! Live with an event titled Streamer Power.

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What free gifts can Buddy Booyah get at the Streamer Power event from BOOYAH! Live? Are there any conditions? Just take a look at it in full below!

Watch Free Fire Live Streaming on Booyah Live, Get Attractive Prizes!

Source: Booyah Live
Source: Booyah Live

Event Streamer Power is events give away prizes for the Free Fire streamer viewers at BOOYAH! Live during the month of July. There are 3 free gifts that Buddy Booyah can get by watching live streaming Free Fire streamers, namely Emote The Swan, M4A1 Pink Laminate crate, and Musical Couple crate.

To take part in this Streamer Power event, Buddy Booyah must link your Free Fire account Buddy Booyah to your BOOYAH account! Live so that prizes can be sent to Booyah’s Free Fire account.

To link a Free Fire account to a Booyah Live account, Booyah Buddy can click on the profile, then press the Connected Account feature. After that Buddy Booyah can directly link the Free Fire account at BOOYAH! Live.

Then, what are the steps to get a row of attractive prizes for free at BOOYAH! Live> Here’s how!

Source: Booyah Live
  1. Buddy Booyah must follow the Free Fire streamer account that shared the prizes on BOOYAH! Live.
  2. Watch live streaming from the Free Fire streamer and wait for the streamer to drop a gift that Buddy Booyah can get for free.
  3. If the streamer has dropped a gift, Buddy Booyah can wait for the countdown to be able to get a free gift.
  4. Click the Airdrop logo to get and see the free gifts.
  5. Buddy Booyah must follow the requirements installed by the streamer in order to get the prize.
  6. When the countdown is complete, prizes will be distributed randomly and free according to the number of winners set by the streamer.
  7. If Buddy Booyah is lucky to get the prize, the prize will be sent directly to Buddy Booyah’s Free Fire account via email at in-game.
Source: Booyah Live

Buddy Booyah needs to know, Buddy Booyah can only get this free gift on live streaming Free Fire streamers who have joined as official streamers from BOOYAH! Live in Indonesia.

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Yep, that’s how to get attractive Free Fire prizes for free in the Booyah Live application! Did Buddy Booyah ever get it?

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