ONIC Wins Second FFML Season IV Division 1 – Match Day 3

EVOS almost won Booyah in the second match, without any hassle, ONIC was immediately thwarted by winning the second Booyah on this matchday. Their clever play paid off.

ONIC played very smart by taking advantage of a very advantageous position. Not only that because their game readings are very accurate.

Against EVOS, which had run out of grenades, ONIC immediately docked a squad. It is also important to fight terrible EVOS when rushing.

With the zone getting closer, of course it will be difficult for a team that is not in a good position. Not for ONIC, they immediately docked.

This is also very good considering EVOS has wasted a lot of their grenades and resources. Besides that, they did win a lot.

A sweet start for ONIC and maybe the future could be even more terrible. This is because ONIC plays very strategically in FFML.

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