ONIC Harvest Points FFML Season 4 Division 1 Match 2 Day 1

No kidding, it looks like ONIC is working on a lot of points. ONIC Harvest Points FFML season 4 Division 1 Match 2 Day 1 with their Booyah and also a lot of kills this time. Don’t forget they also harvested in the first match.

Their first game was very dominant and their second game Booyah was thin. Against EVOS as the last two teams, ONIC played very smart. They are strong enough to take advantage of very precise positions.

What’s very advantageous is that it’s not just two Booyah in a row from ONIC alone. In both the first and second games, ONIC also harvested points thanks to their very many kills. This really helps them climb up the standings.

This dangerous ONIC domination might be a threat to other teams who need points. Considering also that ONIC has earned a lot of points from just two games, they can still be fierce again later.

But what ONIC needs to maintain is consistency. This is still the second game and and of course there are still many opportunities for them to continue to increase their points after ONIC Harvest Points FFML Season 4 Division 1 Match 2 Day 1.

So the possibility of ONIC increasing points is also still very high. On the other hand, other teams also need to take advantage of the next games to get points. They also need to improve the current standings.

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