Now You Can See Pet Skills Used When Playing on Advance Server FF September!

Hi Buddy Booyah!

The Free Fire Advance Server has been re-opened since September 9 yesterday. Many updates Interesting things that Buddy Booyah must try, such as the new Treatment Sniper weapon.

But not only focus on updates new weapons or characters, playing experience is also improved on Advance Server FF this time. One of them, now Buddy Booyah can see the logo pet skills which Buddy Booyah uses when playing!

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The Pet Skill Logo Used Now Visible When Playing on the September FF Advance Server!

As Buddy Booyah knows, previously Buddy Booyah could only see the logo skills from the characters that Buddy Booyah just use. But on Advance Server FF this time, Buddy Booyah can also see the logo skills from pet which Buddy Booyah uses!

Yep! Logo pet skills what Buddy Booyah uses will be visible on the left side of the logo skills character that is above the HP bar. Buddy Booyah can also see complete information skills from pet that Buddy Booyah uses by clicking on the logo skills-his.

Logo presence pet skills above the HP bar will certainly make it very easy for Buddy Booyah to play. Buddy Booyah so you know pet skills what Buddy Booyah wears throughout the game.

Buddy Booyah can also see at any time skills pet will be active. So, it will complete the strategy of using pet Buddy Booyah when playing on Free Fire later.

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According to Buddy Booyah, do you updates This FF Advance Server is quite useful and makes the playing experience more comfortable?

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