Nostalgic Come on! Here’s How to Play PS1 Games on Android

Want nostalgia to your childhood by playing PS1 games? Today’s technology is increasingly sophisticated, one of which is the growing video game industry. Long ago, the PlayStation 1 was the console of choice for gamers in the world, including in this beloved country.

However, considering that time is eaten by time, now the legendary console is only a sweet memory in the hearts of gamers. The best PS1 games of their time accompanied us when we were little.

For some people playing PS1 games is a great choice to go back to childhood. Although PS1 rentals are rarely found, you can play the best games on Android.

Yes, you can play this PS1 game on your cellphone only by using the emulator application. And for the game itself, you can download any game you want to play, such as Harvest Moon: Back to Nature, CTR (Crash Team Racing), WWF Smackdown! 2 Know Your Role, and much more.

Well, in this article we will discuss how to play PS1 games on Android easily. Of course this tutorial will help you who want to reminisce. For those of you who are interested, please read this article to the end.

How to Install the PS1 ePSXe Emulator on Android

The main requirement to play PS1 games on Android, of course you have to install an emulator. You can use the best android PS1 emulator, in this tutorial we will use ePSXe.

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1. The first step, please download ePSXe and Bios first. Since ePSXe is a paid emulator, we will share it for free for you. Please download ePSXe and for Bios click here.

2. After successfully downloading, then please install ePSXe like installing applications in general. After that, don’t open the emulator that was installed earlier.

3. Move the downloaded Bios file to the folder location “Internals/epsxe/bios/“.

4. If so, please open the ePSXe emulator application and play your favorite PS1 game right now!

epsxe android

Download the Best PS1 Game Collection

You will not be able to play PS1 games on Android without the iso game. Previously we have installed the emulator as a PS1 console. This time you have to download the iso (cassette) of the game to play it.

For the game itself, you can choose any game you want to play, because here there are various PlayStation 1 game titles that were popular at that time. Like how? Let’s see below.

  1. The first step, please visit the PS1 game ISO provider site. You can visit or to get the game you want.
  2. After selecting the desired game, then look for the Download Now button, and wait for the download process to complete.
  3. Next, extract the game file earlier. Regarding the downloaded file in the form of .zip, then here you need a RAR application. Please download it on the Google Play Store if you don’t have it yet.
  4. If so, please move the game ISO to the folder you want, when you open ePSXe later, the application will read the game automatically.
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How to Play PS1 Games on Android Using the ePSXe Emulator

play ps1 games

We have passed the 2 steps above, for the next we will discuss how to play PlayStation 1 games on Android. In this tutorial we will try to explain as completely as possible. Then how? Let’s see below.

  1. The first step, please open the ePSXe application that was downloaded earlier.
  2. Then select the “Run Game” option
  3. ePSXe will automatically read the games you downloaded in the storage folder. (If the game is not readable, please look for the manual in the folder)
  4. Congratulations, you can play this PS1 game on Android.

ePSXe has a feature that allows you to save this game save. So, you don’t have to worry if the game you’ve played so far has to repeat it from the beginning, because there is a memory feature in it. How interesting is not it?


By using a PS1 emulator and game ISO, you can play games that used to accompany you as a child. With this we have seen that technological advances have developed rapidly, because what used to be only played through the PlayStation 1 console, now it can be run on Android phones.

Hopefully this article can help those of you who want to reminisce about the PlayStation 1 game that accompanied you as a child.

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