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PUBG Mobile again presents the latest outfit set, namely the Noctus Sovereign suit or bundle. This latest suit features an interesting style that is still related to the military-style war theme of this battle royale game.

Although famous for its realistic gameplay, PUBG Mobile still provides skins. However, the skins in this game only function as cosmetics, namely to decorate characters, weapons, or other items.

Every season PUBG Mobile presents various types of skins that are available in various offers. Starting from rewards from the Royale Pass or from certain offer events.

We can see in the skin offering section in the game. There are offers from Premium Crate, Classic Crate, Supply Crate, Soldier’s Crate or other types of offers. Each offer provides different skins in certain periods.

Noctus Sovereign Bundle Available on PUBG Mobile

This time, in the PUBG Mobile game, a Noctus Sovereign suit or bundle is available. This suit is available as a new offer on Classic Crate which runs until September 6, 2021.

As the name implies, this suit features a leader in a certain military group. The color combination that is present is black and yellow. It can be seen from his robe where the top is yellow while the bottom is black. At this point it’s a bit like a bee.

What is interesting to note is on the head. This suit features a fully covered head. A black cloth covering his head complete with a rubber band like a belt tied his head.

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The backpack he wears takes a similar theme. This setting is one of the settings that displays consistency in every part of the skin.

In addition, it also appears in the picture above that this suit is holding a weapon with a similar skin. The Noctus Sovereign UMP45 skin becomes a complementary weapon for this suit.

How to Get Noctus Sovereign Settings

As we already mentioned that the Noctus Sovereign suit is available on the Classic Crate offer until approximately two weeks into the future. Therefore, to get this latest suit, players must first enter the Classic chest page in the game.

There again implement the gacha system. There are several other items available so you’ll need some luck to get this suit.

For the Mythic Item types in this offer, namely the Noctus Soveregin suit and also his head skin, it only has a 0.5% probability percentage. As for the Legendary Item types, namely UMP45 weapon skins, backpack skins, and helmet skins, the percentage is 2.41%.

To open this Classic chest once, you only need to pay 36 UC which is a 70% discount price from the initial 120 UC. Meanwhile, for 10 times, you only need to pay 1080 UC from the initial 1200 UC.

Every time you open it, players will get an additional 10 RP points. So while trying their luck, players also benefit by increasing their RP level in the current Royale Pass Month 2 Ptoject T.

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