NIMO TV X Magic Chess Master Cup Season 1 Registration Stage Opens

Nimo TV announced Nimo TV X MLBB Magic Chess Master Cup Season 1, a Magic Chess tournament organized in collaboration with Moonton, publisher and developer of the popular MOBA genre mobile game in Indonesia entitled Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB).

Nimo TV’s first MLBB Magic Chess tournament is open to the public so everyone can register. There are as many as 512 players from all over Indonesia will compete for a chance against 8 Invited Top Players and win the title of champion.

Providing a professional competitive platform for MLBB Magic Chess players so that its activists can channel their abilities and talents to make achievements. In addition, the presence of Invited Top Players will add to the excitement and provide an impression that is expected to be entertaining.

Toby, PIC Nimo TV Indonesia

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Moonton and Nimo TV share the same vision, growing the e-sports ecosystem in the country and bringing Indonesia’s name to the fore in the international esports scene. In addition, we are also committed to continuing to provide the best entertainment for all e-sports lovers in Indonesia, especially lovers of the game Mobile Legends: Bang Bang.

Azwin Nugraha Head of PR Esports Moonton Indonesia

Prize Pool Distribution

  • Champion number 1: USD 800 + 20,000 MLBB Diamond
  • Runner up: USD 400 + 10,000 MLBB Diamond
  • 3rd place: USD 300 + 7,500 MLBB Diamond
  • Champion 4: USD 200 + 5,000 MLBB Diamond
  • Champion 5-8: USD 100 + 2,500 MLBB Diamond

The registration stage for Nimo TV X MLBB Magic Chess Master Cup Season 1 which carries the slogan “Synergy to Win” has already started on May 24-28, 2021. Registration can be done HERE.

This tournament is Nimo TV’s seriousness and consistency in contributing to the development of eSports. The opening of this competition is expected to include many gamers, especially MLBB Magic Chess lovers from various cities in Indonesia.

Veronica, Local Manager of Nimo TV Indonesia

This tournament consists of three stages, starting with the Open Qualifier on 31 May-4 June 2021, continuing to the Invitational stage on 16-19 June 2021, and ending in the Grand Final round on 20 June 2021.

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In the Open Qualifier, as many as 512 participants who pass the registration stage will be screened into the best 24 participants through group matches with a 3 rounds point system format. In the Invitational round, 24 participants who qualify will compete with 8 Key Opinion Leaders (KOL) or Invited Top Players in Random group matches with 5 round points system. A total of 8 participants who passed the Invitational round were entitled to compete in the Grand Final in a 7 round points system format.

NIMO TV X MLBB Magic Chess Master Cup S1 is the moment that competitive MLBB Magic Chess players have been waiting for to prove their existence and toughness in managing strategies.

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This tournament is also a place for the gamer community, especially on Nimo TV, to be able to watch the esports side of their favorite game. The NIMO TV X MLBB Magic Chess Master Cup S1 Invitational and Grand Final matches will be broadcast LIVE on Nimo TV.

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