New Way to Fix Links Not Allowed on Instagram

There is an error that is still a mystery on Instagram. This does not include just one error, but if you count there are many. One of the errors was getting a problematic link notification (link not allowed) while doing likes, comments, and others.

2 years ago on Blog Second also provided an article on overcoming this problem. But it seems that starting in 2021 it is no longer working. So this article was created to provide a new solution.

The notification given by Instagram is still the same until now, which displays a notification that looks exactly like this:

Links are not allowed. It looks like your profile contains a link (IP) which is not allowed. We prohibit certain content and actions to protect our community. Let us know if you think we’ve made a mistake.

New Solution to Resolve Links Not Allowed on Instagram

There is not only one way that you need to do to completely solve this problem. But believe that this method works and your Instagram account will be back to normal again. All you need to do is be patient and do the steps correctly.

So, please do both of these ways. And make sure that you start from the first way.

This first step is very necessary to make sure that there are no links at all in the profile. Whether you can delete the link or not, please just do it according to the procedure below.

  1. Turn on the phone and open the Instagram app

  2. Going to Profile and press the button Edit Profil

    Removing Links on Instagram Profile

  3. Scroll down and remove the link in the section Website

    Removing Links on Instagram Profile

  4. If it has been deleted, click the check icon at the top right.

How is the result? Can the link be deleted or does the same notification appear as above? And if the link has been successfully removed, try to comment on a photo, does the notification still appear?

Whatever it is, if the notification still appears, this is a natural thing and not your fault. Because this is system error on Instagram itself. So please continue with the 2nd procedure.

2. Linking Facebook Account to Instagram

Remember, the first method was just to make sure which one it might work or not and even if the account still shows notifications, that’s also not a problem. Because you can still try this second method which is quite powerful.

  1. Log in to the Instagram app on your phone

  2. Lead to Profile and press option button (3 dots) in the upper right corner

    Linking Facebook Account to Instagram

  3. Scroll down and tap on menu Linked Account

    Linking Facebook Account to Instagram

  4. Now please press Facebook and link the Facebook account with Instagram

    Linking Facebook Account to Instagram

But if you have previously linked your Facebook account to Instagram, please delete it first and then link it back. This method will definitely work because many have overcome this technique even though it looks like it’s not possible.

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Make sure that you do it from the first way, because even though it is not guaranteed, but who knows the problem can be solved from there. And the second way is a way that is guaranteed to work for now.

For the reason why the account can experience problems like this is also still a mystery. Whether it’s usage hashtags, or upload content too often in the near future. The rest, if you have other techniques to solve the problem or even questions about the above, please leave them in the comments column.

Hopefully useful and good luck

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