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It turns out that there is a New Pet Dash Free Fire Mode, Fall Guys Ala FF which will become popular in the future because it is interesting. This is a new mode that players can play using Pets, they will complete this Mode to get the victory later.

In fact, there are still many new things that we can get, because right now there are still many new things released. But you will also soon find uniqueness, in several events that are present in this Free Fire game for you to complete the mission as well.

Yesterday we just attended the September 2021 Advance Server Registration, maybe you will see a lot of cool things from here. Because players who successfully register themselves will definitely have a chance, so they can enter the advance server this time.

Especially trying directly the New Pet Dash Free Fire Mode, Fall Guys Ala FF, which is reportedly more popular on the server. But you may also get the Mode soon, on the Original Free Fire server, which will come with a new update.

New Pet Dash Mode Free Fire, Fall Guys A la FF!

So on the Advance Server there is a new Mode and it has the name Pet Dash, of course this is one of the latest updates. You will feel an exciting game of obstacles, when you enter the Mode and compete fiercely against the enemy, yes.

Now, you will also find out that this new mode is similar to the Fall Guys Game, which was once popular. Even because of its popularity, Garena finally brings a Mode that is not much different and you can try it after the full release later.

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Of course this is quite an interesting Mode, you will compete against many enemies to win. Even then there will also be an elimination round and team battle, if you lose and don’t manage to finish it, you immediately lose.

Pets that we can use in this mode are all depending on what kind of pet you want to use and what kind. Maybe the pet you are using will affect your luck following a new mode like this right now.

This mode is still in testing and it turns out that it is still experiencing a lot of bugs, of course there will be some fixes before the release. We guarantee that Pet Dash Mode will be very riotous, not Riot because of things that make emotions but because of this Have Fun Mode.

When will you play a Mode that has fun like this, even when the Pet Rumble Free Fire Mode was first released, it was crowded. Then a few months ago, Minecraft Free Fire’s Craftland Mode was also released, of course everything appeared well and was quite interesting.

If this one is already present, you must immediately try it, because you can use this mode for refreshing too. Because appearances will also affect the situation, so that later you can join this new event and try it later.

There’s still a lot that we can find on the Advance Server, let’s try it all and feel the excitement of this new update.

After knowing the New Pet Dash Free Fire Mode, Fall Guys Ala FF is the most exciting and might attract a lot of player interest. You don’t have to enter the Advance Server either, because this will also be released on the upcoming Original Server.

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Then for this Free Fire New Weapon Shotgun Leak, it will change the Support meta in the match even better. We’ll shoot friends, so they can get a big Heal.

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