New Item Craft Tool Available at FF Training Ground, Here’s Its Function!

Hi Buddy Booyah!

The August Patch update has been completed. Now, Buddy Booyah can try a variety of new things that were previously introduced through Advance Server FF July 2021, ranging from items, weapons to a new line of attachments.

However, there is something interesting in the Update Patch this time. Secretly, Social Zone Training Ground FF presents a new item. The item is named Craft Tool.

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Curious as to what the appearance and function of this latest item will look like? The following Booyah News has provided a full review so that Booyah Buddies can read carefully!

Item Craft Tool in the FF Training Ground!

Source: beritabooyahid

Social Zone is a special place for players to socialize with other players in the FF Training Ground. However, the presence of the Craft Tool item seems to make the Social Zone a more fun place.

Craft Tool is a new item in the Shop Social Zone item line. To buy it, Buddy Booyah needs 5 Training Ground Tokens. There is no limit in purchasing this item.

Source: beritabooyahid

Craft Tool can bring up 3 types of buildings in the form of Walls, Uphill Boards, and Wooden Floors. All three can be installed in the Social Zone area and formed into a series of buildings.

This item can be used as a specific building according to Buddy Booyah’s creativity or even be used as a training medium parkour. His presence makes the Social Zone a much cooler hangout place for Free Fire players.

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That’s a review of the new Craft Tool item. According to Buddy Booyah, are items like Craft Tool something Buddy Booyah expects to be present at the Free Fire Training Ground?

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