Mystery Shop FF July 2021 Not Available? This is the Fact!

2 months have passed since the last time Free Fire (FF) presented the Mystery Shop event, that’s why players are starting to wonder, will this event be available in July 2021?

For those of you who don’t know, the Mystery Shop is a rare Free Fire event that presents exclusive items with big discount prices.

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Well, for those of you who are curious about whether the Mystery Shop will be present this month? In this article we will answer the question!

Mystery Shop FF July 2021?

Usually the Mystery Shop is always present in the middle of the month, but currently (July 21, 2021) Garena has not announced an announcement regarding the presence of the Mystery Shop in July 2021.

Because that’s most likely, the massive discount event looks will not attend this month.

Mystery Shop Substitute

Lucky Wheel FF Event (Source: Garena)

Even so, players need not be disappointed because it seems Garena has provided another alternative to the Mystery Shop.

Because on July 20 yesterday, the latest FF event, Lucky Wheel, has arrived in the game!

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You could say Lucky Wheel is another version of the Mystery Shop because this event also presents cool items including Elite Pass at a discounted price too.

In addition, the discounted price you will receive will also be randomly selected like the Mystery Shop, and you can even get items for only 9 Diamonds!

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