MPL ID Season 7 (S7) Week 2: Schedule: Genflix Meets Alter Ego

After watching the excitement of the MPL ID Season 7 Week 1 Day 1 match. There were many strong teams that performed brilliantly, especially when Alter Ego met RRQ Hoshi.

Well, I can’t believe it’s already the second week. Where MPL ID Season 7 Week 2 will be a big event for the strongest MLBB teams, such as RRQ Hoshi, Alter Ego, Evos Legends, Bigetron Alpha, Onic Esports, Geek Fam, and Genflix Aerowolf.

For those of you who want to watch the MPL ID S7 Week 2 match. You can watch it via streaming platforms such as Nimo TV by typing the keyword “MPL ID” in the search field.

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To save time, let’s take a look at the MPL ID Season 7 Week 2 match schedule below.

MPL ID S7 Week 2 schedule

Friday – 5 March 2021

  • Alter Ego Vs Genflix Aerowolf = 14:30 WIB
  • Aura Fire Vs Onic eSports = 17:00 WIB

Saturday – March 6, 2021

  • Bigetron Alpha Vs Aura Fire = 11:30 WIB
  • Geek Fam Vs Evos Legends = 14:30 WIB
  • Onic eSports Vs RRQ Hoshi = 17:00 WIB

Sunday – 7 March 2021

  • Bigetron Alpha vs RRQ Hoshi = 14:30 WIB
  • Geek Fam Vs Genflix Aerowolf = 17:00 WIB

In addition, you can also view the detailed schedule through the official MPL Indonesia website.

Come on, support and watch your favorite team’s match in this biggest MLBB event through the Nimo TV streaming platform application and also get various attractive prizes ranging from diamonds to ML legends skins.

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