Motor Bike Is The Best Vehicle For META Misha FF? This is the reason!

Hi Buddy Booyah!

Starting from the popularity of META Misha, the lineup of FF vehicles has again got a special place for players. The existence of a vehicle that was once only a tool for rotation and escape, has become the main weapon to kill the enemy and achieve victory.

However, not all types of vehicles in Free Fire are the favorites of players. The majority of players choose to use Motor Bikes to support Misha’s META. Investigate a calibaration, it turns out there are several reasons underlying this.

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Here, booyah news has prepared several reasons why Motor Bike is the best vehicle for META Misha FF. Without further ado, just take a look at the list below!

Has High Speed

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Motor Bike is one of the vehicles with the highest speed in Free Fire. Currently, the Motor Bike is capable of traveling at a maximum speed of up to 130 Kmh, placing it in second place with the highest speed vehicle after the Sports Car.

Not to mention the presence of Misha’s skill which is able to increase vehicle speed up to 20% and make the Motor Bike move very fast and touch speeds above 155 Kmh in the Free Fire Game. With Motor Bike, players can break concentration without even physical contact.

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More Flexible Than Cars

Like a motorcycle in the real world, the Motor Bike FF vehicle is also small and can only accommodate 2 players. Its small size makes the Motor Bike can move flexibly in certain places that cannot be passed by four-wheeled vehicles.

Small size with high speed gives players the freedom to move anywhere in any situation, be it when disrupting enemy defenses, moving quickly to change places and escape.

Misha’s skill also deals a 30% damage reduction, which makes the vehicle more difficult to shoot and has high durability. Motor Bikes that are small will obviously be much more difficult to shoot down than cars like Pick Ups and Monster Trucks.

Easy to control Even In High Speed

Source: beritabooyahid

Do you know Buddy Booyah? Motor Bike FF occupies the first position as the vehicle with the highest High Speed ​​Steering Angle attribute points in Free Fire.

For those of you who don’t know, High Speed ​​Steering Angle is the ease of controlling the vehicle when turning at a certain speed. The higher the High Speed ​​Steering Angle points, the easier the vehicle is to control when turning, even when traveling at high speeds.

This makes the Motor Bike very easy to control when turning through obstacles, moving around enemies, or when trying to hit a moving enemy.

Well, that’s the reason why Motor Bike is a favorite vehicle when using META Misha FF. So, don’t be surprised if Buddy Booyah meets motorcycle gangs that go around the Map. To be sure, they implemented META Misha FF!

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