Morph Wins Fiercely in Match 4 Day 1 FFML S4 Division 2

It was no joke against BOOM, Morph won fiercely in match 4 day 1 FFML S4 division 2. With a grenade party in a very narrow zone, Morph finally won even in a zone that no longer existed!

This victory is more than thin even thinner than a strand of hair. With a zone that couldn’t fit even a single person, the dual Vector battle closed the game which Morph won. Very fierce against BOOM.

BOOM actually had a big chance too, but unfortunately they were in a very bad position. BOOM must enter the zone by climbing the road which benefits Morph above. Gloo Wall was also stocked with BOOM.

Although BOOM spreads a lot of Gloo Wall, Morph has a secret weapon. They immediately threw dozens of grenades which immediately shook BOOM. Even their Chrono is difficult to withstand a lot of incoming damage.

The other big teams unfortunately have to accept being in a middle position. One by one they fell, this match was the fiercest match on the first day. BOOM had to settle for losing with a very thin position against Morph.

Morph managed to get their Booyah points when playing smart in zone four. Not playing lustful and aggressive, they slowly managed to dominate the best position in the zone which is very clever.

By having a high ground, Morph also certainly has a great opportunity to immediately give a strong attack to BOOM. Forced to climb up plus a grenade throw, of course BOOM will be very difficult.

With Morph winning fiercely in match 4 day 1 FFML S4 division 2, this point competition is very exciting to watch. It is very difficult to predict who will get good points on the first day of FFML this time.

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