Moco Awakening Will Come to Free Fire (FF)?!

Moco Awakening Will Come to Free Fire (FF)?!

I can’t believe that next month a big update for Free Fire (FF) will be back! The reason is, the update is always present every two months.

In the last OB29 update, Garena brought in two new characters, namely Dimitri and Thiva, which are the result of the collaboration of Free Fire x Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike.

Well, for the next update, it looks like one of the old FF characters will get a change.

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According to leaks spread by several FF dataminers, Moco characters will get an Awakened version!

Moco Rebirth!

For those of you who don’t know, there are currently 3 Free Fire characters that have an Awakening version, they are Kelly, Hayato and Andrew. Apparently, Moco will be the fourth character to receive this change.

Because a teaser video distributed by the Free Fire World Youtube Channel shows the possibility of the emergence of Moco Awakening!

From the video, Spinners can see the words “Moco: Rebirth”, which indicates that Moco will be reborn or get a new form.

The trailer also shows that Moco: Rebirth will arrive on September 18, 2021. However, we have to wait for an official announcement from Garena regarding this.

Of course, the presence of Moco Awakening can change Free Fire’s META if he gets a good extra skill. Because even now, Moco is a character that is often used by many players.

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