McLaren P1™️ Skin – Kyanos FF Coming to Free Fire’s New Faded Wheel!

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Luck Royale, is a collection of various Spins in Free Fire with various types and of course have their own rules. One of the Spins in Luck Royale is the Faded Wheel.

When it comes to Faded Wheel, this Spin can be said to have a definite price for each maximum Spin that must be issued. Good news for Buddy Booyah who are waiting for new prizes in Faded Wheel Free Fire, because McLaren P1™️ – Kyanos FF is coming soon!

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Curious about the appearance and statistical changes offered by the McLaren P1™️ – Kyanos Free Fire (FF) and how this Faded Wheel will work? Check out the following article!

McLaren P1™️ – Kyanos FF Faded Wheel Free Fire

The presence of McLaren P1™️ – Kyanos FF on Faded Wheel Free Fire will later replace the Evo Gun Skin SCAR Megalodon. More precisely, McLaren P1™️ – Kyanos FF will be present at Faded Wheel Free Fire starting on July 25, 2021.

In the Faded Wheel, Buddy Booyah before doing the Spin will be asked to delete two gifts that you don’t want to have. That way, Buddy Booyah’s chance to get the first prize will be wide open.

In fact, if you are lucky, Buddy Booyah can get a McLaren P1 ™️ – Kyanos FF at the price of 9 Diamond which is the initial Spin price of the Faded Wheel. Later the price will increase along with the number of Spins you do.

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McLaren P1™️ – Kyanos FF is one of the Sports Car skins from the Free Fire x McLaren collaboration. Like other McLaren Sports Car skins, this McLaren P1™️ – Kyanos FF also has statistical changes namely.

  • Top Speed(++)
  • Damage Reduction(+)
  • Damage(-)

How, are Buddy Booyah interested in getting the Sports Car McLaren P1™️ – Kyanos FF skin in this Faded Wheel Free Fire? Don’t miss your chance to get this skin with only 9 Diamonds if you’re lucky!

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