MBR Solid Gets Booyah 4 FFML Season IV Division 1 – Match Day 3

MBR’s very solid play in the latter zones paid off very sweet results. With their good play this can be a very sweet thing.

MBR, today, to be precise, in the early matches, it wasn’t very good. But in the fourth match they looked fierce.

Indeed, in FFML there are often many teams that give big surprises. Even some of the other favorite teams look less than satisfactory.

For fans and lovers of the Free Fire pro scene, this can be a very good thing. We all want to see a very good game.

MBR played very well in the last minutes. With those who play very smart and patiently, of course, the other team will be in trouble.

MBR also performs a good execution when finishing which is more points for those who really need extra.

In the future, of course, many hope for MBR to be more consistent. In FFML, consistency is the main focus of many teams here.

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