Make Your Healing More Optimal by Taking Advantage of These 3 Pet Free Fire (FF)!

Hi Buddy Booyah!

The process of medication or healing is one of the crucial moments that must happen in the Free Fire Game. In this process, players recover lost Health Points to be ready to fight again.

Thus, Healing becomes an important moment that makes players have to pay attention to various things that can increase the effectiveness of Healing both for the process and the recovery effect received by players.

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On this occasion, Berita Booyah wants to share some Pets with skills that can optimize the Healing process, Buddy Booyah when playing Free Fire. Curious what kind of pet is meant? Check out the following review!

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Moony the Alien has a skill called Paranormal Experience which can reduce the damage received by players while in the process of interaction. The interaction process in question is when players use Repair Kits, Toolboxes, eat Mushrooms, and use Medkits.

Buddy Booyah does not need to be afraid when using Medkit to restore HP. Moony will keep Buddy Booyah from being knocked out immediately even though the enemy is shooting at him. Not only that, the damage received will be less so that the new HP is not drained much and the HP to be restored is not too large.


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Skills Double Blubber Ottero’s is able to add EP when the player uses Healing items. This one pet skill provides multiple benefits for players. After gaining HP from healing items, players also receive EP which can be converted for HP recovery.

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EP can fill a shortage of HP if the Healing item provides moderate HP recovery, or when it loses HP when jumping from a high place. This makes Buddy Booyah not need to waste a lot of time and Healing items just to recover a little HP.


Source: beritabooyahid

At the maximum level, the Well Fed skill from Okami is able to add an extra 10 HP points from using Medkit. Currently, Medkit Free Fire recovers 75 HP. Combined with Okami, then Medkit provides 85 HP which is certainly a lot.

Buddy Booyah only needs 1-2 Medkits to restore HP. This reduces the healing process time and makes the use of various Healing items much more efficient.

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