Madura Prime is Ferocious in Opening Match 1 Day 2 FFML S4 Division 2

It seems that on the first day the MP was just warming up. Because on the next day, Madura Prime was fierce in the Opener of Match 1 Day 2 FFML S4 Division 2. They managed to open the first Booyah in this first match.

Their game was quite good and on the second day it was very tight. Each team showed their very sweet game and it was Madura Prime who came out as the opening winner.

Fighting against Echo, actually the Echo team didn’t play badly and it was just that Madura Prime had a sweeter position. From the start of the game Madura Prime did not play it safe and was even very aggressive.

Madura Prime who played on the second day was very different on the first day. It looks like they are starting to get hot even though it’s still very early to decide. But if they can be consistent, Madura Prime can be a big threat.

This community team will probably carve their history throughout FFML this time. Hopefully in the future Madura Prime will remain sharp and can still be fierce as long as the competition runs to completion.

But other teams can’t just stand still. On the second day, both groups had many strong teams. The existence of these strong teams may be able to bite each other which could be an interesting thing for us to watch.

With Madura Prime Ferocious In the Opener of Match 1 Day 2 FFML S4 Division 2, the other teams had to step on the gas as well. Don’t get left behind and try to get the best points for each standings.

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