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It turns out that there is an M1014 Wasteland Free Fire (FF) Surprise Event, this is one of the skin prizes that you can get right now.

Because while there are still new event missions that you can play, all of them are indeed very useful for you to use as well.

Moreover, for now we also know, if there are indeed a lot of interesting prizes that you can get from the event.

Not only that, because for the Event period that appears in this game, there are still more and more because there are other new things.

Just like the Free Fighter Free Fire Web Event, where it’s a new web event that provides lots of interesting prizes to try.

Especially for the M1014 Wasteland Free Fire (FF) Surprise Event, we should be able to know how to get the prize too.

Curious? let’s take a look at the new event directly, in the article below right now.

M1014 Wasteland Free Fire (FF) Surprise Event

In the new events that are present in the Free Fire game today, there are indeed many and you must know that all of them are indeed interesting.

Because indeed from the new Surprise Event now, it turns out that the M1014 Wasteland Skin will be rewarded which is one of the rare skins.

Of course, by taking advantage of events like this, you will immediately get a great opportunity to get many of these benefits.

The missions given in the Surprise Event are not all difficult, because for the M1014 Wasteland Skin right now, it’s quite easy.

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With those of you who take part in mission events like that, you will get prizes that are easier and faster to feel when competing later.

Especially for the missions that are given now, they are really special and won’t last much longer than we thought in the future.

So for that you also have to know, how to take part in this event without missing anything at all later.

  1. Login first into this Free Fire game, after that if it is already in the Lobby section, you can directly enter the Event Menu.
  2. When you are in the menu section, select the one that says Event at the top to continue this method.
  3. You guys will look for an inscription called Weapon Surprise Mission, there we will get the main prize of the M1014 Wasteland Skin later.
  4. Of course the name of the mission, of course we must first complete what is required in the event right now.
  5. After the mission given has been completed, then you can immediately get a lot of the prizes that can be received.
  6. By presenting the M1014 Skin like this, you all won’t want to miss it at all because it’s definitely really cool.
  7. This event period will take place from 8-14 July 2021 to come.

After you know the details of how to complete it, of course you can continue to get the list of missions that you must complete now.

Deal 3000 Damage: Xayne Box 3 Pieces

Deal 7000 Damage: Ticket Pet Rumble

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Deal 10000 Damage: Skin M1014 Wasteland

That way, you must be very lucky to be able to get M1014 Skin which adds Damage + and Range ++, but Rate of Fire -.

After knowing the M1014 Wasteland Free Fire (FF) Surprise Event, from here we will indeed have one chance to get that cool skin, right.

When else can Garena give a cool M1014 Skin like this, it’s easy and fast for you to finish it by dealing damage only.

Don’t forget that there are 24 Painful Weapons in Free Fire, that way we can be faster in completing the current mission event.

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