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Originally posted on February 19, 2021 @ 7:16 PM

M1014 is the latest Shotgun that was born exclusively for the smallest map in PUBG Mobile, namely Livik. Just like other shotguns, this M1014 weapon is only intended for close combat or close combat.

M1014 PUBG Mobile to Late Game Classic Mode?


1. Maximize the Bullets

The M1014 can only hold 7 rounds in its magazine, which is even more unfortunate because this weapon does not have a slot for attaching a magazine attachment. So what you need to do is really take advantage of each bullet.

Make sure your shots are not missed, or avoid shooting enemies who are running using this weapon. If you see the enemy in a silent position and at close range, then you can use this weapon.

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2. Must Complete Attachment

It doesn’t have a slot for a scope, but at least this weapon can still be stocked in the form of Bullet Loop and Choke. Bullet Loop serves to speed up the reload time of the bullet, so it’s not a problem if you don’t get an extended mag.

In addition, Choke is the most obligatory attachment for you to use, because Choke can reduce the spread of bullets, so when using Choke, your bullet distribution becomes denser and inflicts high damage on enemies.

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3. Collect the Bullets

12 Gauge is a special shotgun bullet that doesn’t have much when found. Therefore, make sure to bring a lot of bullets for this weapon. At least collect 100 – 150 12 Gauge bullets if you want to use this weapon until the late game.

4. Use Only Close Combat

M1014 is a Shotgun type weapon, so it is certain that the original nature of the Shotgun is still thick in him. This weapon can only be used for close combat or close combat.

Do not use this weapon to shoot enemies more than 15 meters, because the resulting damage will no longer be effective. If you can keep your distance from the enemy as close as possible to produce perfect M1014 damage.

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5. Support Weapon

When using Shotgun weapons until the end of the game, it will be a problem for you because this weapon is very difficult to use for battles in games that are not always in close range.

You need to use support weapons such as the M416 to replace the M1014 weapon when entering a battle that was not created for the M1014. When in mid-range or long-range combat, you can use the M416 as a substitute.

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