Lucky Wheel FF 2021 Event Leaks, Elite Pass 9 Diamond?

There’s been a rumor lately that the Lucky Wheel Event will be coming to Free Fire (FF) soon? Are these rumors true?

For those of you who don’t know, Lucky Wheel is a rare Free Fire event. At this event, there will be lots of cool items for sale at discounted prices.

But what makes this event interesting is that players will spin before buying an item to determine how much discount they can get.

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Discounts vary from up to 80% off and it’s even possible to have all items for only 9 Diamonds!

New Lucky Wheel FF coming soon?

Source: YT Military gaming official

According to the leaks provided by the official Military Gaming Youtube Channel and Dino Official Gaming, the Lucky Wheel event will be coming soon on the Indonesian server.

They stated that the main prize that will be present on the Indonesian Lucky Wheel server is the Persian Valor Bundle, or also known as the Aladin Bundle.

In addition, similar to Mystery Shop FF, usually the Lucky Wheel event will also present Elite Pass at a discounted price too!

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Need to know that this information is still a leak that came not from the official source of Free Fire, so there is a possibility that the rumors about Lucky Wheel FF are not true.

To ensure the truth of this news, players must wait patiently for Garena to make an announcement regarding this event.

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