Low Mechanical Free Fire (FF) Character

There are so many characters in Free Fire that you can use. Some are difficult, there are also low mechanical Free Fire (FF) characters that help your game. Low mechanics doesn’t mean bad.

Characters are unique in Battle Royale. In Free Fire these characters give you the advantage and each character has a different advantage. This is thanks to the skills embedded in the character.

Well, thanks to this, the characters in Free Fire are also relatively unique. They each have the advantages of these skills. Of course, some are difficult to use and some are easy to use.

For those of you who want to take advantage of the character, of course, must be understood first. Their skills are quite simple indeed, but many factors affect their use later.

Low Mechanical Free Fire (FF) Characters

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So here we will try to give Free Fire characters that have low mechanics. But remember yes low mechanics does not mean they are bad. It’s just easier to use and the potential is as high as the others.

They can be your main characters for those who want to try characters. Of course, it’s also not less meta than other characters, so it doesn’t hurt to try.

Here are some low mechanical Free Fire (FF) characters that you can use;


Andrew is a character in Free Fire who is often underestimated. This is because his skills are passive and may not be so pronounced. But this is wrong because Andrew is a strong character.

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His skills make Andrew quite tanky because armor and vests can be more durable. This is thanks to the skill that makes the damage to the armor smaller and for those who have difficulty looting, this is quite good.


Joseph is a rather strange character because he has a skill that activates when fired upon. When he is shot at, Joseph will get a relatively high additional MVSPD buff.

This skill is quite good as a rusher or for a escape tool. The reason is that with the MVSPD increasing high when being shot at, Joseph can take advantage of this to fight back or run away.


Nikita’s skills are quite easy and not so complicated. The skill will make SMG reload faster which is very important when it’s critical. Because the reload speed is relatively high considering that you can add more attachments.

Nikita is a very strong rusher with high reload speed. For players who want to play fast with good reloading, the skills of this character will be very important to use.


Kapella is a very good premium support to use. During his initial release until now, Kapella could be the main choice of many people because of his strong buff.

He doesn’t need high mechanics, just playing actively in a good position can make your team far superior. You must use this as support, especially Kapella.


Paloma is also often underestimated because her skills seem mediocre. This is because Paloma’s skill allows her to carry more AR bullets. It’s actually quite good.

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This Paloma skill can help you cut looting time. By bringing more AR bullets, you don’t have to bother managing inventory. Simply hoarding the bullet then this will be very helpful.


Antonio’s skills may not be that good. He starts the game with a higher HP which is very strong in the early game. For players who want to actively play at the beginning, this character is suitable for you.

Antonio can be a very strong character with his skills, especially in the beginning. But unfortunately when you enter the mid or late game, let’s just say that Antonio is a character without skills.


Laura has a skill that really helps any player. This is thanks to the skill that supports the additional accuracy of the weapons you use while using the scope.

This is even more suitable if you use weapons such as AR or SMG because they can increase accuracy from a longer distance. For sniper weapons, it is a bit less suitable because the effect is useless.


This Moco skill is very important for the team because it can tag the opponents you shoot. For playing squad this effect is important to understand the opponent’s position when playing.

Even if you don’t kill them it doesn’t matter because tags can also be useful for teams or if you are playing solo. Moco is one of the best characters for you to use if you know how.


Kelly can increase her sprint or run faster thanks to her skills. It seems ordinary but the effect is quite important for those of you who need a rusher or just run away.

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Kelly’s skill effect is stronger when awakened, where he can become one of the main character choices. For rushers, this skill of his will be very important to use when playing.


Hayato is a very terrible character when he is dying. This is thanks to him being able to increase damage penetration the more he is dying from HP. But unfortunately he is a bit risky to use.

Hayato is also getting stronger thanks to his awakening which makes him even more tanky. With this skill of his, Hayato can play in front or behind because it is very flexible to use.

Those are some low-mechanical Free Fire (FF) characters that you might be able to use later. They can be the character of your choice who wants to use the character without any hassle.

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