List of Free Fire (FF) Prizes at Free Fighter Events

This is the Free Fire Prize List (FF) in the Free Fighter Event, when you complete the Mission, you can get one of the Prizes.

Because for now we can have attractive prizes, and can be considered rare and will be a Limited Event item to get.

Because what we know right now is that it came at a pretty good time and you should take advantage of it all.

The Free Fire x Street Fighter event schedule that is present in the game, you can use and get quite easily.

Especially with the presence of events like this too, the items that appear will definitely disappear and will not come back after they are finished.

So with something like that, you really have to be prepared and don’t forget about the event right now.

Because from the Free Fire (FF) Prize List at the Free Fighter Event, you can get what you need too.

Curious? Let’s just look at the explanation in the article below.

List of Free Fire (FF) Prizes in Free Fighter Events

The prizes presented at the Collaboration Event this time are indeed quite good and make you more enthusiastic.

The prize will appear in several ways, especially for the Free Fighter Event From Free Fire which has appeared now.

Of course, with the presence of events like this, you will immediately get all these prizes without missing anything.

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The problem is that at this Web Event, there will be prizes with the theme of Fighter Chest which can be obtained from several things.

To get a prize like this, you have to beat Ryu from Street Fighter at the initial screen to get the Chest.

Because there are several levels that you have to complete, if you want to know and complete the Event in this game right now.

The following is the order of the Chests and the prizes that you will get, if you complete the Web event now.

Fighter Chest Level 1

You will get this chest, if you have beaten Ryu 1 time from the event and you may have to defeat it 2 times later.

The prizes are as follows.

All Free Fire Loadout Items, obtained Randomly from this Chest.

That way, you might get one of the prizes.

Fighter Chest Level 2

Here you have to beat Ryu 2 times, to get the Chest.

The prizes you get here are All Playcards for 3 Days and Gold as much as 50 and 100 Fruits.

Fighter Chest Level 3

You have to beat Ryu in the event, 3 times in order to get the prize in the Chest this time.

It’s the same as Level 2, but for Playcard prizes it is 7 Days and for Gold there is no change.

Fighter Chest Level 4

If the latter is Level 4, you must be able to defeat Ryu 4 times to get the prize.

Even here there are some prizes that you can get, when you finish it later.

  • Ticket Incubator
  • Ryu T-Shirt
  • Statue Rampage
  • Ryu Avatars
  • Ryu Banner
  • Universal Fragments 10 Pieces
  • Pet Food 1 Piece
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The prizes are many, but unfortunately this is randomly presented so it’s Hockey if you get the shirt.

With that said, let’s complete all the missions of this event and defeat Ryu without any HP remaining later.

After knowing the Free Fire Prize List (FF) in the Free Fighter Event, this will not make you disadvantaged either.

Get the Fighter Chest prizes right away, so you’ll get more cool items later.

Especially for this, you should know that the Free Fire x McLaren Collaboration Event, will be coming soon in the following month as well.

So just wait, collaboration events that will be present are like this.

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