List of Competing Teams in PMNC 2021 Group A Playoffs!

This is the list of teams that will compete in the PMNC 2021 Group A playoffs, who is there? Read this article to the end!

Soon the much-awaited PUBG Mobile tournament will begin, the event is the PUBG Mobile National Championship aka PMNC 2021 which has entered the playoffs.

Why is this event the fans have been waiting for? Because the 8 teams in the top rank will qualify for the PMPL ID S4 (the highest PUBG Mobile Tournament in Indonesia).

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Previously, the PMNC 2021 event was divided into 2 in the playoff round, namely group a and b, where from the two groups top 1-7 and top 2 DGL will qualify for the grand final and 8 teams will be determined to qualify for PMPL ID S4.

List of Teams That Passed PMNC 2021 Playoff Group A

For the list of teams from the PMNC 2021 playoff group a is known to everyone, here’s a list of 16 teams that made it through!

  • Evos Reborn
  • Alter Ego
  • 21 Esports
  • G9 Esports
  • Esports Zone
  • DG Slayer
  • NFT Esports
  • Creed
  • Waff X
  • Myron Revolt
  • Power Danger
  • Team Cyclone
  • Mixed vegetables with the peanut sauce
  • Representative from Papua
  • Representative from Central Kalimantan
  • Representative from West Kalimantan

The playoff group A starts on July 1-2, 2021, so don’t miss it, spinners and witness the greatness of the PUBG Mobile team in Indonesia.

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