LetDa Hyper and Meri Olivia Complete the Indonesian Squad at FFAS 2021: Asia!

The Free Fire Asia All Stars 2021 Tournament is the next official Free Fire international tournament. Present in 3 regions. This tournament carries a quite unique concept in which a total of 3 modes will be played.

The modes are Clash Squad, Battle Royale, Bomb Squad. Indonesia itself will later fight together with a series of other teams across Asia.

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Interestingly, in Free Fire All Stars (FFAS) 2021: Asia there will be a combination of professional players and influencers. In total there will be 8 players representing Indonesia to compete in the FFAS 2021: Asia event.

After previously announcing Efdewe and FrontaL Gaming as representatives of Indonesia, this time it was revealed that the last 2 influencers will complete Indonesia’s formation. They are LetDa Hyper and Meri Olivia!

For Buddy Booyah, who often watches influencers tournaments, of course, they are familiar with these two figures. Both LetDa Hyper and Meri Olivia have often participated in this kind of tournament.

In addition, LetDa Hyper is a former professional player. Of course, in terms of the skills he has, the strength of a LetDa Hyper cannot be underestimated. With the announcement of the last 2 Influencers, Indonesian representatives are complete, including:

  • DRNX.Garduuu
  • DG.Abaaax
  • SES.Bara
  • IOG.BION 09
  • Frontal Gaming
  • Efdewe
  • LetDa Hyper
  • Meri Olivia

What do you think about the Indonesian squad for FFAS 2021: Asia? Don’t forget to watch FFAS 2021: Asia which will take place from 23 to 25 July 2021!

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