Leaked Skin Pet Cyber ​​Falco Free Fire (FF)

There is a Leaked Cyber ​​Falco Free Fire (FF) Pet Skin that will be present, as one of the cool Pet Skins. If players like to use Pet Falco every time they compete, it means they shouldn’t miss getting the Pet right now.

Because there are still many new events that will be coming soon to the Free Fire game, for those of you who want to have it without any trouble. Especially now that you will also participate in the next several events, because there are many interesting prizes for us to get.

So after the 4nniversary Free Fire Event Schedule is over, of course you can try it right away and maybe you’re curious. Then for gifts that you may have later, it will certainly look more exciting and you might really want to get it later.

Even for the Leaked Cyber ​​Falco Free Fire (FF) Pet Skin, chances are you won’t want to miss the presence of a Pet Skin like this. Because this skin is also quite good, even you won’t regret it when you have it too.

Leaked Skin Pet Cyber ​​Falco Free Fire (FF)

This pet named Falco will get a Cyber ​​Theme in the next Skin, of course this has a relationship with the character as well. If you know the Moco Free Fire Character Awakening, maybe that’s what makes this Prize clearer for us to get.

Pet Falco which is an Eagle has good power, because it can make us langing faster and has a team effect. Especially if you get this new Cyber-themed Skin, it is certain that you will be after it now and are interested.

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Even the presence of several new Skins or Pet themes that are released in this Free Fire game now, may be of interest to you. Moreover, this Cyber ​​Falco has a Purple Color for the base, but actually there are several other parts from here as well.

Then in the My section you can see this Falco Skin has a Technology Motif, meaning something has happened to Falco all this time. Before Falco had to turn into a Cyber ​​power like this, he had previously experienced why and what caused it.

Then in the middle of his body Falco also looks like a robot bird, the light blue and purple colors that come together make it even more harmonious. His eyes will also sometimes emit a shining light, maybe you will like this..

It’s just that the presence of this skin can’t be fully known yet, let alone there are still leaks of the November Free Fire Event now. Maybe later this Pet will have a Skin from the mission event, we can only wait for it until it appears later.

It will feel even more modern when this Pet Skin issues an Effect, maybe you will look cool enough to have it

Let’s just wait from now on, maybe later there will be many new events and challenging missions to get prizes. It doesn’t stop there, because you will probably have several other missions in the upcoming new event.

For now, let’s play the existing event first, after all there is a mission that gives us the Pet Panda Skin for us to get now.

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After knowing the leaked Cyber ​​Falco Free Fire (FF) Pet Skin, maybe you will feel even more like this Pet. Especially when it comes to the Prizes that we can get, it will certainly feel more and more as well.

Especially for those of you who are aware that Falco is one of the 12 Best Free Fire Pets now, maybe if you like it you can buy the Pet. If there are free events and Falco related, be sure to follow all these events right now.

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