Leaked Price and Release Date of Vale Superhero Squad Skin in Mobile Legends

One of the most awaited newest Mobile Legends skins, the release date is now circulating. Guess what skin will be coming later? Yup, Vale!

Vale is the fourth hero to get a superhero squad skin in Mobile Legends after Lancelot, Bruno, and Chou got it first.

Although it has been confirmed that this squad skin will be obtained by Vale, the release date has not been officially announced. And we just got a leak regarding this, therefore, read this article to the end.

Leaked Latest Vale Skin Release Date

As we said, the release date of the new Vale skin has no information on when it will be available in Mobile Legends. However, according to the information we got from the Instagram account @abyssal_mlbb, the two predicted dates are between 9 or 16 March 2021.

If this leak is really going to happen, it means you have the opportunity to save up to buy this special skin within a week or two.

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This latest Vale skin rumor is predicted to have a cool skin effect. Then how about the price? Don’t worry, in addition to the leaked release date, we also got a leaked price. Let’s see below.

Price Leaked Superhero Vale Squad Skin

For the price itself, it is predicted to be the same as the price of other squad skins, which is around 4000 – 7000 diamonds.

Well, why is it expensive?

Yes, because to have this skin, you have to take part in events through gacha, which of course will not even discuss the number of diamonds that are not small.

However, we don’t know if these leaks are true. Because, until now (the article was made) there has been no official information.

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