Leaked Phoenix Free Fire (FF) Team Clothes Skin

Now there is a leak of the Phoenix Free Fire (FF) Team Clothes Skin, of course it is one of the best items that players can get too.

Not only that, for the latest leak this time, it’s quite interesting for you to use it in the next update.

The latest update that is presented in this Free Fire game, there are indeed many and of course you should know.

Especially with the release of a new leak that will be released later, it will help Free Fire players.

Because for the Gloo Wall OB29 Free Fire Skin Leak only, it has appeared and can be used quite well now.

With later you who use Skin like this, it will definitely look attractive and can show the power of Gloo Wall which is quite strong.

Especially for the Leaked Phoenix Free Fire (FF) Team Clothes Skin, let’s just see now.

Leaked Phoenix Free Fire (FF) Team Clothes Skin

There are indeed a lot of skins presented in this game, even in the clothes section you can use all of them.

Because yesterday we knew the Thai Phoenix Team was the Champion of FFWS, finally the Team’s Clothes were also released in the Free Fire Game for you to get later.

This latest leak is indeed quite interesting, moreover, you also have to know that everything must be considered carefully first.

Because this is still one of the Special Items that appear, on the Thai Server only and it can’t be determined that it will be released in Indonesia at this time.

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Because it’s a special shirt from the team that won the FFWS yesterday, so it’s quite an interesting thing and must be used as well as possible.

Not only that, you also have to know that there used to be a Corinthias Free Fire Jersey who was the FF world champion from Brazil at that time.

The shirt design on the Phoenician Team, too, is indeed quite interesting and is very similar to the team that won the Champion yesterday as well.

Maybe with the presence of the Phoenix Team, it can indeed be used with interesting motives for you to use when competing later.

That way, it’s not surprising that clothes like this will become the most Limited Edition item and thing to sell later.

Because it’s only now, you can also know that the Phoenix Team is rumored that the new clothes are indeed available for free for players to use later.

It is not certain if on the Indonesian Server later, this event will appear on what kind of mission and in what way.

Because right now at the Free Fire Eid al-Adha event, there is no new sign of the event that will be presented specifically for the clothes.

There is a possibility that it will be present at the same time as the Free Fire x Dimitris Collaboration, in which the newest character will also appear.

It’s definitely cool and can be used quite well, so that you all won’t want to miss cool events like this too.

So with the presence of a clothing event like this, it’s really cool so that it can be collected by other players later.

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You also don’t miss when FFWS Season 2 Free Fire is presented, because there will definitely be lots of cool mission events that you can take advantage of too.

Everything that is presented in this Free Fire game now, there are indeed many and you should be able to make the best use of it.

After knowing the Leaked Phoenix Free Fire (FF) Team Clothes Skin, then the skin of the shirt is really cool for you to use later.

Especially with the presence of clothes like that, it will make those of you who saw the Phoenix Team play yesterday, definitely want the strength of the team.

Not only that, you can also know the Biodata of Rambo Free Fire which is quite famous now.

Especially with How to Get a Free Magic Cube, it will definitely give you a very cool Bundle redemption.

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