Leaked Motorcycle Skin in Project Cobra Free Fire (FF) Really Cool!

Ahead of the Project Cobra event on Free Fire (FF), several leaks have now emerged regarding the event. One of them is a Cobra-themed Motorcycle skin.

In this event, later you will find various attractive prizes from the missions given by FF, including the Special Interface.

Not only that, the Project Cobra event is also rumored to contain various cool skins. One of them is the Legendary Bundle, the skin that is currently being discussed will come in a bundle with four colors.

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Interestingly, the event will also have a red theme and a cobra shape, such as the Evo Gun MP40 Predatory Cobra, Surfboard Cobra skin, and Gloo Wall Cobra skin. Cool isn’t it!

Meanwhile, leaks related to the Cobra-themed Motorcycle skin have also circulated on the internet. Well for those of you who are curious about how it looks, let’s see below.

This is the view of the Project Cobra Free Fire (FF) motorbike

Cobra ff project motorcycle skin display
Photo: freefiremania.com.br

As you can see, the cobra-themed motorbike combines black and red, making the motorbike look cooler. In addition to the design, the motorcycle skin is also equipped with futuristic tire colors.

It looks at first glance like a racing motorbike in general, but with this skin it makes the motorbike like a luxury motorbike from the future.

However, this article is just a leak and there is no official information on when this Project Cobra motorcycle skin will be released on Free Fire Indonesia.

I don’t know, as players we are just waiting and of course expecting something more than expectations.

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