Leaked Loot Crate Boom Free Fire (FF)

Leaked Loot Crate Boom Free Fire (FF), of course from the Loot crate you will also have many interesting prizes to get.

Moreover, from all things like that too, you will probably be more like the gifts that are inside.

We ourselves certainly know that there are indeed many new leaks, if they will make you even more excited later.

Because you will also receive an opportunity, to find out everything that will soon be presented in this game.

You also have to know how to play in the Free Fighter event, because from here there are many attractive prizes that can be obtained.

With that, the free skin or bundle, will make all of you not look ordinary and will still be cool.

So for the Free Fire (FF) Boom Crate Loot Leak, maybe you should also know the contents that are presented in the list of prizes given.

Curious? Let’s take a look at the explanation in the article below.

Free Fire (FF) Boom Crate Loot Leaks

Loot Crate will be presented with the most recent addition, which also has the name Boom.

Of course from the name it sounds like an explosion-related sound, so maybe it’s a Loot Crate with an explosion that you get later.

With the presence of Leaks this time, maybe seeing the contents of the prizes will make players want to have them.

Because the prize, which is also the Free Fire x Money Heist Collaboration Bundle, is returned to the Loot Crate for us to own.

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Of course, with the presence of the Loot Crate prize, you will definitely have one of the rare items given in this game.

Not only that, because in there there are still many interesting and cool prizes for us to get later.

Not sure whether this will be present on the Indonesian server or not, but the way to get it may still be the same as the other Loot Crate.

So before this release, you already know how to get it so that later it won’t be difficult so you can have it.

  1. Enter the Free Fire game first, after that you can choose the section called Shop.
  2. When you are already in the game Shop, then you just have to choose a category with the name Crate.
  3. After you choose a section like that, of course there will be many choices of Crate to buy but you have to choose the Loot Crate Boom section.
  4. The estimated price if it is present on the Indonesian server is only 60 Diamonds, but that can change at any time.
  5. Then you buy and open it, if indeed Hockey can immediately get the Bundle permanently.
  6. This prize will go directly into the Vault of the Free Fire game as well.

After you know all this, are you interested in getting a Loot Crate item like that? Of course, many will like it too.

Because for Loot Crate Boom now, it will be given very cool when you buy it later.

The chance to get this grand prize is indeed going to be big, but it can be small too.

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Remember this is not yet available on the Indonesian Server, so the leak may or may not be released.

We’ll just have to wait for the next update.

After knowing the Loot Crate Boom Free Fire (FF) Leak, then you guys can get the prize easily after knowing everything.

Moreover, rare gifts like this, who wants to miss it even though it is present in a crate.

Especially from the Hockey Tips section for Opening Crate Free Fire, so that your chances later can be greater in having the main prize.

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