Leaked Latest Free Fire Healing Sniper Weapon (FF)

There is a Leaked New Free Fire Healing Sniper Weapon (FF), one of the weapons that will change the Squad meta for the better. Especially for playing squads, it certainly won’t be difficult, if you use this very overpowered Healing Sniper Weapon.

Then there are also some of the latest updates that you can use, so we can immediately try and play when competing against enemies. Make sure you have some good opportunities, so you can feel the excitement of the update that will happen soon in Free Fire.

Try to do the Free Fire September 2021 Advance Server Download Method, so you can enter the trial server. Because there will be many new things that we can find in this update, to appear on the upcoming Original server soon.

With the emergence of the latest Free Fire (FF) Healing Sniper Weapon Leak, surely the ability to heal will feel even better. Even the enemy will not find it difficult to beat our team, because it always gets so many Healing effects from here.

Leaks of the Latest Healing Sniper Weapons Free Fire (FF)

In the new update that is present this time, it turns out that we have several new updates related to new weapons. It turns out that we have a weapon called Treatment Sniper, one of the Role support items if you want to play from a very long distance.

This weapon is a new type that occupies the ranks of Sniper, but it is different from the use that is more dominant in doing healing. The power of this Treatment Sniper gives Heal from a super far distance, friends who are hit by this attack will get extra HP.

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Of course the total of HP that you will receive later, is indeed quite large, even reportedly breaking the 50+ number. It also looks different from the Free Fire Treatment Gun in the form of a Pistol, if this is the highest it is 30+ and 50+ if you use Kapella.

Maybe if you are the holder of the Support Role in the Squad, using this weapon when competing will not be a problem. But you have to remember, if this weapon also has a minus that might be suitable for you to use when only giving Healing.

Every time you shoot this weapon, it will give 10% overcharged, if it reaches 100% then the weapon will not be able to be used. If you are in a situation like this, you must be careful in monitoring the surrounding area which is quite dangerous later.

Treatment Sniper does not have Auto aim when attacking, then the Damage is relatively small when shooting at enemies. Then it has a long shooting time lag, when this weapon has been overloaded or too many players use it later.

You must be able to equip the main weapon in Slot 1, so you can use it as a defense from close range and far too. Try to be able to do some attacks that are not too open, if you are using the Treatment Sniper, yes.

Avoid long-range war if you use this new Sniper, it’s not good and might have a chance of losing too. Because the total damage that we give to the enemy later, it feels quite lacking because this is a Support weapon that gives Healing only.

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Leaks of the Latest Free Fire Healing Sniper Weapon (FF) What do you think about this latest weapon? do you like and are interested in using it when it is released later? we are waiting for it to appear.

After knowing the Latest Leaked Sniper Healing Weapon Free Fire (FF), then your chance to heal is very good. It will not be difficult or get less help, if you have used this weapon later.

Then also understand the 5 Best Support Characters for Free Fire now, so that we can use the Treatment Sniper as best we can. The opportunity to keep the Squad Team from dying is a big responsibility if you are a supporter with a new weapon.

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