Leaked FF Bundle Special for Free Fire Lecturers

Originally posted on March 17, 2021 @ 10:42 PM

Now there is a Leaked Free Fire (FF) Kids College Bundle Leak that is good enough for us to know about right now. There are so many new things that can be obtained in the Free Fire game now. So you guys may need to be prepared with all these things. Because it’s from a new Envet now, there will be a lot of benefits that can be obtained, yes.

There are still many interesting things for us to know now, especially in the Chrono Free Fire Operation Event section, which has already appeared. All information on the event will bring many interesting prizes for all of us. So you don’t want to miss some other cool information, from some leaked new events besides Chrono now.

Moreover, for now, we can indeed find out if there is one leaked event bundle that you can have right now. Check out the explanation directly in the article below.

Leaked Free Fire (FF) College Children Bundle

So for now, we can find out that there is a new leak from Bundle which carries the theme of Lecturer Children. But it seems that this is also a theme for college students, with a quite unique appearance of course. Judging from the appearance, you will see that the bundle included in this leak does give a cool impression too.

From the look on her face, she looks like a girl from Japan, then she also wears a dress that she often wears when she goes to college. It just seems that there is an important message in the bundle, where you will indeed have a Blood Pattern on the clothes. Then he put on a gas mask to block out the poison gas as well.

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There is a possibility that if this latest bundle is leaked, you could say you can know that there was indeed a war incident which happened to a college student. Where the war situation is quite long, so he is also used to using this cool bundle. The appearance given is quite badass, of course.

From the waist down to the feet, he also wore several things such as accessories and leg armor to overcome the vibrations of the war. Does this have anything to do with the ongoing Free Fire Chrono Event Battle? Maybe of course. Then we also don’t know whether this bundle will come or not later.

Only time can tell that the bundle is present in this Free Fire game. So don’t miss it all, because there are still many benefits that are pretty good for us to try right now. The appearance of this college student is indeed quite interesting and you should not ignore it if you are already present in the Free Fire game.

Because that is indeed one of the things that is quite important for us to get, and hopefully this bundle will be presented for free by Garena later. Just wait after the Chrono event ends, because there are many interesting prizes and the emergence of various other new bundles in the Free Fire game now.

You can also read the Cyber ​​Bounty Hunter Free Fire Bundle which is already present in the game. There must be lots of prizes that are quite interesting, to be able to get from the latest events at this time. That way you have to be ready and don’t miss all the latest events or other new bundle updates, too.

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