Latest FF Top Up Bonus Leaks, Have a Lootbox Supercharged Engine!

Hi Buddy Booyah!

As one of the events that is always present at Free Fire, the arrival of the Free Fire Top Up Bonus event is of course interesting to watch every time. How not, Buddy Booyah can get various free items through this event.

As will be coming, Buddy Booyah can get a Lootbox Free Fire skin called Lootbox Supercharged Engine only by Top Up Diamond in a certain amount.

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Curious about how the Lootbox Supercharged Engine FF skin looks and how many Diamonds, Buddy Booyah must Top Up to get the skin? Booyah News has a leak!

Skin Lootbox Supercharged Engine Free Fire (FF)

Lootbox Supercharged Engine is a Free Fire Lootbox Skin that has the theme of one of the Free Fire collaborations, namely Free Fire x McLaren. In the Lootbox Supercharged Engine, Buddy Booyah will get a Lootbox skin which is not far from the automotive.

In addition, the Lootbox Supercharged Engine FF also has the words McLaren. The Free Fire Top Up Bonus event to get the Lootbox Supercharged Engine FF will take place tomorrow, September 4 to September 10.

To be able to get it as a Top Up Bonus, Buddy Booyah must at least do a Top Up of 100 Diamonds within the period mentioned above.

  1. Make a top up worth a minimum 100 Diamonds.
  2. Visit the In-game Events Tab Event>Top Up Bonus.
  3. Click “Take“.
  4. Prizes will go directly to Vault/Collection you.
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How, are Buddy Booyah interested in getting this Lootbox Supercharged Engine FF skin? If so, don’t forget to take part in the latest Top Up Bonus event on Free Fire!

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