Kominfo Considers Blocking Requests for PUBG Mobile, Free Fire (FF), and Other Games

Recently there was a suggestion that online games be blocked in Indonesia. Kominfo is considering blocking requests for PUBG Mobile, Free Fire (FF), and other games.

Indonesia is one of the countries with the largest gaming community. The presence of mobile games today makes many people able to play games anywhere and anytime.

Children are one of the contributors to mobile game players in this country. The impact of game addiction on children’s development is a serious problem.

Even some countries have taken firm action by blocking a number of games that are considered to have a bad impact on children.

Kominfo Considers Blocking Requests for PUBG Mobile, Free Fire (FF), and Other Games

Kominfo considers PUBG Mobile blocking request

Currently, there is a lot of discussion among Indonesian gamers that Kominfo is considering the request to block PUBG Mobile, Free Fire (FF), and other games.

The Indonesian Ministry of Communication and Information (Kemenkominfo) receives many requests to block online gaming sites and applications. These requests come from both the district and national scales.

Quoting CNN Indonesia, Thursday (24/06) Dedy Permadi as a spokesman for Kominfo said, “In principle, Kominfo will process and consider all blocking requests that we receive in accordance with applicable regulations.”

One of the parties who applied for Kominfo to block a number of online games was the Regent of Mukomuko, Bengkulu Province, named Sapuan.

According to him, online games have a negative impact on children. Both in terms of child development, health or children’s education.

Kominfo considers PUBG Mobile blocking request

Some online games that are included in the list to be blocked are PUBG Mobile, Free Fire (FF), Mobile Legends, Higgs Domino, and similar games both on mobile and PC.

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Since the Regional Government does not have the authority to block online games, the request was sent to the Kominfo.

The Kominfo itself has indeed opened a number of channels for filing complaints or reports. Like via the site https://www.aduankonten.id/ or Whatsapp at the number 0811-9224-545 or email at [email protected].

To be able to make a complaint, the complainant simply includes the name, complaint link, and information screenshots as evidence of negative content.

Let’s wait how Kominfo responds to this blocking request. Follow the latest information and news about the world of games and esports only at Kabargokil!

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